Pia Degn Asferg, physiotherapist, age 45

“I have taken both the colour and style analysis at Image & Style. The session takes place in calm and private surroundings and because Anne is very pleasant and professional you immediately feel well taken care of. Anne has an amazing ability to make you feel beautiful and always focuses on your strengths. What I found exciting and very useful after having done the colour analysis was that it is all about getting yourself to see what colours suit you best and also why. So when I go into a clothes shop now I only look at what colours I know will suit me- it’s quicker and far easier to decide when you know what you are looking for.

Because my first experience was so positive I decided that I wanted to do the style analysis as well. I thought I had a good feeling of what suited me but Anne taught me so many things to consider, advice which is now a natural thing for me to look for when buying clothes. The result is that I now have a very good feeling of what exactly to look for and what suits just me and feel confident about it. A lot of impulsive, not- so- great purchases are a thing of the past. Of course the only difficulty was that I already had a lot of things just hanging there in the ward-robe that I just never used and so we looked at the content of my wardrobe together and ended up with at least 10 new sets of clothes. Anne simply matched my clothes in different ways and with other kinds of accessories and told me how to easily to turn a set into either a more casual look or with few adjustment into an evening set. We took photos of it so that I can easily decide on a set without too much effort.

I have also just taken the make-up course recently. I was particularly interested in how to apply make-up so that the eye shadow doesn’t clump together or how to apply a natural, not too made up look. Anne applied a beautiful make up with really nice products. The timing was perfect to test my new look as I was going out in the evening. It lasted all night and I got a lot of compliments! Some of my friends really liked it too, so now we are organizing a group where Anne will host a make-up workshop for us, which we naturally are very exited about”

Mariette Vos, age 47

“As a birthday gift, some friends gave me a Colour Analysis done by Anne. The analysis was done at her Studio in The Hague. I was offered some refreshments whilst Anne talked about the colour analysis and how it was done. The whole analysis took over 2 hours, but time flew. It was amazing to see how certain colours made me look ‘sick’ and other colours made my skin come alive. Anne explained what colours can do to your appearance, how they can enhance your skintone and how, even on a bad day, your skin can still look radiant. After my colourscheme had been determined, I was given a little booklet with my colours. Very handy to have when you’re out clothes shopping! Once home I looked in my closet and removed the items that weren’t really in my colourscheme. It turned out that I had worn most of these items only a few times without really realising why. When I go clothes shopping now, I skim through the shop and only look at the clothes that are in my colourscheme, saving me lots of time and money! I no longer have clothes that I don’t wear because it wasn’t the right colour and I always feel confident with the clothes I wear now”

Margot Grimm, The Hague

“My Mum had her “colours” done years ago and I was always intrigued so when I heard via a friend that Anne Bybjerg was offering this service in Den Haag, I jumped at the opportunity.

Anne put me at ease immediately with her friendly and lay-back approach. The process to discover your unique colour pallette is a fascinating one. It was a revelation to observe that some of the colours I wore alot, such as black, were really unflattering colours for my complexion especially when compared to other colours that made my face light up. I began to realize that it’s no coincidence when people compliment you each time you wear a certain coloured clothing item – it’s a science! I no longer go clothes shopping without my trusty swatch of personal colours provided as part of the colour consultation and my wardrobe now includes colours I would have never considered previously. Gone are those impulse shopping errors that ended up inexplicably sitting in my wardrobe unworn. I would never have believed that wearing the right colours could make such a difference to the way you look and feel. In fact, a colour consultation offers all the benefits of a face lift without the expense and the invasive surgery. The money invested has been worth every cent!!”

37-year-old selfemployed male

“Anne helped me to ‘upgrade’ my personal and professional style. First, she determined the colours that best worked for me and gave me a swatch book with coloured fabric samples I can take to the shop. Then, she came round to my place to go through my entire wardrobe. She advised me on what to wear, how to combine clothes and what to chuck, taking into my account my physical appearance. This she later wrote down in a personalised fashion advice, so I can revert to it in the future. The whole process was pleasent and empowering due to Anne’s kind and pragmatic way of working. She didn’t force me to change myself, but she did help me to improve the way I present myself. I have taken her advice to heart and feel all the more comfortable and beautiful for it. I warmly recommend Anne!”



Image & Style, Vroonhoevelaan 8, 2553 ES, The Hague - T +31 6 13 88 10 13 - E info@image-style.dk - KvK 54494311
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